We Are The Land

Event key art, 2023

+ web, print & digital assets

We Are The Land tells the story of over four centuries of the Wampanoag people, blending song, dance, and spoken word. Over 10,000 years of stewardship in Massachusetts were disrupted by colonisation, silencing their voice. This pageant-play, featuring a diverse cast, narrated their story of land, loss, and resilience.

In crafting the key art, my intention was to capture the profound connection between the Wampanoag people and their ancestral land. Drawing inspiration from the serene marshes of Massachusetts, the artwork portrays two silhouettes, a man and a woman, facing each other against the backdrop of a sun either setting or rising. This design serves as a reflection on the intricate interplay between religion, colonialism, and the devastating impact of diseases that erased a significant part of their heritage. 

Through this artwork, I aimed to evoke contemplation on the profound relationships between indigenous populations, the Earth, and our shared past, present, and future.

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