Freedom Tunnel

Plymouth, 2019

An immersive art installation that adorned the historic tunnel structure in the Royal William Yard. Illuminated by a radiant rainbow of LED-lit arches, the installation symbolised the profound connection between the city and its maritime legacy, framing the iconic Drake's Island against the backdrop of the sea.

As part of Illuminate in late 2019, organized by the Real Ideas Organisation for the Mayflower 400 opening event, Freedom Tunnel captured the essence of Plymouth's rich maritime history. The arches, designed to envelop individuals within their vibrant glow, gradually crescendoed into a breathtaking full rainbow spectrum every 10 minutes. This visually stunning experience not only engaged the audience but also transformed the tunnel into a mesmerizing testament to Plymouth's enduring link with nature. Freedom Tunnel became a focal point during the light art festival, leaving an indelible mark on Plymouth's cultural landscape.

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